War Studies website has been established by a group of independent researchers to provide an open platform to the scholars, experts, and people interested in war and conflict research.

War Studies is a relatively new research field in Turkey, which creates both confusion and opportunities. Additionally, it is often difficult to find a suitable platform to publish war-related research. Moreover, academic research’s long and exhausting publication process reduces the opportunity to follow the recent theoretical and conceptual discussions within the field. Therefore, this site aims to be a platform suitable for all those who want to express their opinions on current issues related to war and want to make theoretical or conceptual discussions interactively without losing the discipline’s essence.

Turkey’s geographical position requires pondering on military matters. It is an indisputable fact that a country is located at the center of regional conflicts and crises and is directly or indirectly affected by them needs experts who examine these conflicts from the perspective of “War Studies.”

The octopus, which is the inspiration for our mascot, also explains our founding purpose. We are talking about a creature abandoned immediately after birth and thus learns the knowledge and experience to survive independently. However, we can call the octopus a good strategist, who collects and analyzes all the information around it with its eight legs and hundreds of sensors and thus survives. From this point of view, it was necessary to see a country’s experts caught in the middle of conflicts and crises as the octopus’ sensors and to establish a common platform for sharing and maturing the collected information and analysis. We believe that the information that emerges in this way will ensure that those who seek solutions in similar problem areas today or in the future do not have to learn everything from scratch.

War, by its nature, touches almost every aspect of life. Therefore, we believe that War Studies’ researchers should adopt an interdisciplinary approach. Our greatest goal is to create a platform available to discuss and analyze current issues more quickly and consistently with the broadest possible participation.